Gallery and Studio Spaces

The artists in residence have at their disposal the defence tower “Štekl” and a semi-circular defence tower, as well as a white cube studio space. The defence tower “Štekl”, dated back to 1578, is one of the oldest and most important cultural heritage buildings in Gornji Grad. It once served as the entrance to a Benedictine monastery and later as a bishop’s residence. Today, the upper floors of the “Štekl” houses a museum with an ethnological collection, the collection of Anton Jamnik (1862-1942), inventor and folk designer, the ethnological collection of the Šokatnik Homestead and a collection of fossils and rocks. The ground floor of the defence tower with its annex is available to artists as a studio and gallery space. The terrace space, which is the roof of the studio space is also available for assembling and exhibiting outdoor works. The second location, which is available for exhibiting and documenting artworks, is a semicircular 15th century defence tower. It was part of a fortification with towers and a moat that protected the complex from Turkish invasions. Thick stone walls, an open roof covered with centuries-old beaver-wood, only one large door and a narrow slits create a very unique atmosphere.