Local Materials

STONE (TUFF): The landscape of the area is varied and diverse in shape, which can be attributed to the diverse rock composition that defines it. Stone represents a large but neglected and untapped potential of the area and is therefore one of the chosen materials. 

CLAY: The 600-year tradition of Zadreč pottery died out before the Second World War with the death of the last master of the craft. It is characterised by the ‘Kokrški’ hat, which until recently was in the possession of almost every farmhouse. Clay, as the chosen material, will bring back memories of this craft. 

WOOD: It is no coincidence that the locals are closely linked to the forest and wood. They live in one of the most heavily wooded areas of Slovenia and wood and tradition have been with them since the first settlement. Today, it is an important raw material for industry, but it does not have a high market or added value, so we will high- light wood among the selected materials. 

WOOL and BEE’S WAX: Domestic animals are also an important part of the farmer’s life and co-create the cultural landscape. Beekeeping and livestock breeding are features and attractions of our area with a long tradition, celebrated by the locals, each with its own festival in the village centre. In Gornji Grad, the Beekeeping Festival, and in Solčava, the Bicka Festival pays tribute to sheep breeding, the sheep and its wool. Artists will be able to use the wool and the bee’s wax.