Open Call

The Artist in Residence Program in Gornji Grad, Slovenia was initiated with the aim of supporting the development of artists of diverse ages, backgrounds and disciplines. It provides an opportunity for artists to work in a striking, natural environment, to connect with the cultural heritage of the town and to explore the local crafts and materials. There are 5 local materials significant to its area: wood, clay, stone (tuff), wool and beeswax. 

The Residency Program is considered as a time entirely dedicated to research and experimentation. We aim to provide artists with the necessary time for qualitative research and to allow for trial and error as well as critical questioning necessary for the development of artistic practices. The program maintains a casual environment, and it is up to the artists to develop their own work schedule. Gornji Grad is a peaceful, idyllic village surrounded by nature and away from the hustle and bustle of the city, therefore artists may spend a great deal of time alone. 

The Gornji Grad Residency is ideal for artists who seek a quiet and sympathetic environment with few distractions. A studio visit and a meeting with a Ljubljana based curator, will be organised once a month in order to encourage collaborations and thus the enrichment of local and foreign art. The residency requires each resident to leave one work of art of their choice to join the archive of Artist in Residence program in Gornji Grad.

Every resident is expected to make full use of the time-slot granted by checking in within the first 4 days of the month and departing within the last 4 days. At some point during their stay all residents present their work in progress or research at an open studio day. There are gallery spaces available and at artist’s disposal should they wish to present a final exhibition.

In May, June, July and August 2022, two artists will be hosted in Gornji Grad at the same time for the period of one month. Each residency starts on the first day of the month and finishes on the last. The residency offers:

  •  accommodation (each artist is provided with their own accommodation, a fully equipped one bedroom or studio apartment)
  • studio space (artists have at their disposal the defence tower “Štekl” and a semi-circular defence tower, as well as a white cube studio space)
  • daily food expenses (300 EUR per month)
  • travel expenses to and from the residency (up to 150 EUR)
  • mentorship (a studio visit with a Ljubljana based curator is organised with each resident)

To apply, please send the following:

One PDF file including:

  • Artist’s CV, including email, phone number and website
  • Portfolio of works (max 10 A4 pages)
  • Artist’s biography and statement (max 1 A4 page)
  • Artists should state their preferred month to attend the residency or specify their flexibility
  • A note of intent (max 1 A4 page) – no need to outline a specific project for the residency, but artists should rather specify their needs and interests in the residency program. Artists can highlight their current research, their expectations about how the program will expand their existing body of work or enhance their professional development, their need for a studio space or their interest in available local materials or their interest in the residency’s location. Artists are encouraged (but not obliged) to explore the local materials or to incorporate the local craftsmanship or the history of the town in their research. 

The applications are open to international and Slovenian artists and are accepted in English or Slovenian language. Please send the PDF with all the required documents to:

For any further questions, please contact:

The deadline to apply is Wednesday 20th of April.